Livingwaters Parents/Guardians

Dear Living Waters Parents/Guardians;

On behalf of the Living Waters Board of Trustees and our Central Office Administration team, I would like to thank everyone, who has taken a moment to express their gratitude for the efforts of our administration, our teachers and our support staff across the division as they continue to connect with students and provide continuity in learning. We appreciate your kindness, your patience, and your partnership in your child's learning. We could not do this alone, and together we are better!

As we face each day of our lives with the continuous threat of COVID-19, having to juggle more things than we have ever expected, we recognize that this can be a very stressful time for many famili es. As we continue to provide on-line at-home education, please be reminded that we will continue to seek feedback from our families, so that we can make necessary adjustments in programming as we move forward. Please continue to communicate with your child's teachers when you are in need of support for your child's learning. Along with providing access to ongoing and full-time mental health supports in all of our community schools, our division will continue to post wellness resources for parents on our Living Waters Website regularly when they become available to us.

Four of our community schools have been offering a nutrition program this year, thanks to a government grant. Now that classes are suspended, any remaining funds from the nutrition grant program will be dispersed to non-profit organizations in each of our school communities who are able to support families in need during the pandemic. Already, our Living Waters School Division is working in partnership with the Whitecourt Community Lunch Box Program and has donated $10,000.00 to support their work. We continue to seek partnerships with non­ profit organizations in Whitecourt, Edson and Slave Lake in providing assistance for families.

For further information, please contact our Deputy Superintendent Trevor Mitchell at trevor.mitchell@ livinq

Living Waters Schools are also in the process of evaluating fees and preparing for possible partial refunds. For more information regarding potential refunds of your child's fees, please contact your child's school principal via email as soon as possible.

              Through our planning and within the processes put in place during the pandemic, our division has made the ability to provide continuity in education and programming a priority to ensure students are learning. With the adjustment in the                   funding formula announced on March 28th, our division will be temporarily laying off approximately 65 support staff across the division, effective May 1, 2020. Temporarily laying off staff during these uncertain and fragile times, was a                     very difficult decision and one that we did not make lightly. A small group of support staff remain to make certain that our buildings are safe and healthy as well as to ensure that all necessary work can be completed. Living Waters values                 our support staff as an important part of its education team, and we will continue to pray fo r better days ahead, so that our students can return to school and staff along with them.

             Again, thank you for your perseverance, your patience and your partnership in supporting our staff, our schools and our division throughout these challenging times. May God bless you and keep your families safe and healthy. We will get                 through this together.

            Yours in Christ,

       Jo-Anne Lanctot



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